William Martines

William Martines
Senior Managing Director

William Martines brings more than 20 years of executive level business development and creative problem-solving experience to Van Conway & Partners. He has held a variety of positions from consultant to President and CEO. He has a proven track record of creating asset value through the ability to understand complex business issues and opportunities, demanding varied business principles and entrepreneurial management solutions.

Martines has a diverse background including experiences in industries such as real estate, gaming, technology, marketing, and media. His superior strengths include concept creation, business planning, execution and financial management. Assignments and projects have included: President of an internet start-up, President of a $40 million direct mail company, CEO of a Native American casino development and consultant to a $500 million division of a Fortune 500 company. He was also one of the architects of a $150 million sports and entertainment private fund that included General Motors, AIG, and IPG as it partners.

In the last three years, Martines has become a recognized expert in sourcing investment capital from Southeast Asia and Latin America through various immigrant investor visa programs and then investing this capital with national franchisors looking to expand their store portfolio across the U.S.

Martines earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Walsh College.

William’s email: WMartines@vanconwayandpartners.com