Some Risk, More Reward for CEOs Embracing Trump’s Sit-Down Meetings – Fox Business – 2/23/17

Some Risk, More Reward for CEOs Embracing Trump’s Sit-Down Meetings – Fox Business – 2/23/17

Though America appears to be divided in the early days of Trump’s presidency about the way he’s going about bringing policy change, it’s important to note the best way to understand what American businesses need is to go directly to the source, said Van Conway, CEO of consulting firm Van Conway Partners [Full Article]

Orphan drugs face criticism on prices and from patients – Medical Marketing & Media – 2/15/17

Companies want patients to discover innovations before they reach the marketplace, so they’ll demand the therapies from physicians. It’s a process that starts long before launch. Outreach in the early stages of development is paramount to an orphan drug’s marketability down the line. This often means initiating early engagement with associations, identifying obstacles to coverage […]

Inside Sears’ death spiral – Business Insider 1/8/17

“They are going out of business,” said Van Conway, an expert in bankruptcy and debt restructuring and CEO of Van Conway & Partners. “This snowball is 90% of the way to the bottom of the hill.”  [Full Article]

Department stores become endangered as Sears, Macys’ struggle – USA Today 1/5/17

“I honestly don’t see a spot for Sears long-term,” says Van Conway, CEO of Van Conway & Partners, who has advised retail companies and other businesses on reorganization and insolvency. “My mom shopped at Sears. That was the only place she could go. Now you have 50 choices, and Sears is outdated.’’ [Full Article]

Bankruptcy again for Kmart? – Detroit Free Press 9/11/16

Van Conway, CEO of Birmingham-based management consulting firm Van Conway & Partners, said the retail corporation’s current problems could have been predicted at the time of the Kmart-Sears merger. “Why did anyone think that two bad companies would result in a good company? That never happens,” Conway said. “A bad company with a good company can cause a bad company,” he added. “Two good companies […]

It’s Thanksgiving in August – The Detroit News 8/12/16

Paul W. Smith 11:03 p.m. EDT August 12, 2016 I thank all of our sponsors and all of our volunteers and participants for our 13th Annual Paul W. Smith Golf Classic benefiting Detroit PAL raising $500,000. Mark Snethkamp of the Snethkamp Automotive Family stepped up to bring us to that final half million dollar mark at […]

19 Michigan Macy’s stores face closure threat with latest announcement – Detroit Free Press 8/11/16

Van Conway, CEO of management consulting firm Van Conway & Partners, said it is unusual for national retailers to close store locations that are still profitable. This could be a smart move for Macy’s, he said, as it allows the company to focus attention and capital on bolstering its strong-performing stores. Nevertheless, he said it’s unlikely this newest round of Macy’s store closures will be the last because Internet […]

Chemical-Talmer deal heads toward close this year, pending regulatory approval – MiBiz – 7/20/16

The strong backing from shareholders at both banks came as no surprise to Greg Roberts, a partner at advisory firm Van Conway & Partners LLC in Birmingham. Talmer had assets of about $6 billion and faced limited growth prospects within its existing footprint, especially the “very highly competitive market” in Southeast Michigan, Roberts said. In […]

Talmer shareholders back $1.4B merger with Chemical – MiBiz – 7/14/16

Talmer, facing limited growth prospects within its existing footprint, especially a highly competitive market in Southeast Michigan, in turn would become part of a growing institution that’s positioned statewide, said Greg Roberts, a partner at advisory firm Van Conway & Partners in Birmingham. [Full Article]

Talmer shareholders overwhelmingly approve Chemical Bank deal – Crain’s Detroit – 7/14/16

“In any transaction, there will be people on both sides of the fence,” said Greg Roberts, Senior Managing Director of Birmingham-based Van Conway & Partners. “Dave Provost has proven he makes money for his shareholders. There is a business precedent and synergies to having a $16 billion bank. In this case, bigger is better. That […]