Misfit Toys

Misfit Toys

Who can forget the holiday classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Etched in my memory for some fifty years now, it is as ubiquitous around Christmastime as fruitcake. The tale is told by an impeccably dressed snowman given life by animation and the throaty offerings of the long dead Burl Ives. As long as there […]

Red Sky in the Morning…

The Patient Portability and Affordable Care Act’s days appear to be numbered. Hospital leaders are staring down the barrel of a seismic shift in policy with the incoming administration’s promise to repeal and replace the PPACA in the first 100 days (more)  [Full Article]


Last week I spent the better part of three hours with my face pressed up against a window. As our plane cut south to head east, the first 20 minutes was all about the Grand Canyon. If ever two words combined to form an understatement these were those. I can only imagine the fortitude of early settlers […]

Sold Out

The Fall Classic lived up to its billing this year as the Chicago Cubs dispatched of the Cleveland Indians bringing an end to their 108-year championship drought. Cleveland did not go quietly tying the game in the eighth inning before succumbing in the tenth. I am certain that 20 years from now a million people […]

High and Tight

The leaves are changing, frost is on the pumpkin, and the Baseball playoffs are in full swing. Professional baseball teams play 162 games over the course of six months. On any given day it is hard to tell what matters and what doesn’t. Playoffs are another matter. Every pitch, every hit, and every failure is magnified […]

Rest Later

As a youngster, I often caught my father scanning the obituaries in the newspaper. It never occurred to me at the time that doing so would become a practice I would make my own. When I asked my Dad as to the genesis of his habit he would laugh and say “I look every morning, if I don’t […]

Run Hard

The world watched as the Olympic Cauldron was drenched and its symbolic competitive fire extinguished until we meet again. As the games drew to a close, Track and Field took center stage and the four-person relay races ringed the perimeter. The dynamics of the relay are unique in that not only does each individual have to […]

Hoe Your Row

Tending a garden is hard work. While we all enjoy fresh vegetables and the beautiful flowers that grace the table, nothing we see or eat speaks to the effort to get it there (more)  [Full Article]

Turn the Page

I love to read. One of the by-products of the information age is that information is in your face 24/7. We are dealt such a steady stream of input it is often hard to disconnect and seek out the input we desire (more)  [Full Article]

I Yam what I Yam

Long before superhero’s dotted the landscape and their adventures were documented in epic blockbusters, a sailor sailed the sea. Along with his sweetheart Olive, they endeavored to stay one step ahead of Brutus and never gave two hamburgers to Wimpy (more)  [Full Article]